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UCM: Universal Contacting Modules

The UCM project aims at developing a flexible, modularized test system for printed circuit boards. The development is focused on two main goals: On one hand, the development of flexible inspection modules (test cells) which are a. designed for a certain range of automotive control units (PCBs), b. a... Weiterlesen

FOREnergy: Energy flexibility in production

The basis of the collaborative project FOREnergy is a basic understanding of the energy profiles in the factory. For such an understanding a holistic transparency in terms of energy requirements, energy fluctuations and flexible control approaches of energy are necessary. Currently the industry is u... Weiterlesen

S-CPS: Resoure-Cockpit for Socio-Cyber-Physical Systems

The project S-CPS aims to identify and analyze productivity relevant factors for service operations to allow effective and efficient maintenance, by respecting local and technical conditions. Therefore a resource cockpit is developed, which brings together data streams of several heterogeneous produ... Weiterlesen

GEM-Portal: Green Energy Management-Portal

Objective The major objective of the project is to build up a web-based platform for communication and knowledge management for resource and energy efficiency. This portal interconnects researchers and industry members of the Green Factory Bavaria (GFB). Within the GFB research projects, a variety o... Weiterlesen

TIEM: Totally Integrated Energy Management

For German companies, the importance of sustainable economic development in recent years has become increasingly important, mainly because the companies put more emphasis on a clean environment and sustainable development issues. This development is driven by the political decisions such as the plan... Weiterlesen

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PEP-Lab: Power Electronics Production Laboratory

The Power Electronics Production Laboratory (short: PEP Lab) at the Institute for Factory Automation and Production Systems is an application center for the manufacturing processes of power electronic modules set up to support companies in the development and testing of power electronic components a... Weiterlesen

REEP: Resource efficient electronics production

The use of thermodynamics analysis such as Exergy method as sustainability evaluation tool offers an interdisciplinary methodology to analyze the manufacturing systems and technologies. It is observed that a large quantity of available energy during the transformation process is inherently diminishe... Weiterlesen

CLADMID: Laser Cladding by Powder Injection for MID

Laser cladding allows for a fast, flexible and direct plotting of electric conductive structures on MID. The surface of the substrate is *ively melted by a focused laser beam. Simultaneously, a metal powder is lead through a powder nozzle. This nozzle is oriented laterally or coaxially to the laser ... Weiterlesen

E|Optistrom: Energy recovery in electronics production

Due to rising energy prices and the environmental issues related to the high energy consumption, the demand for energy and resource efficiency experience a rising attention in the manufacturing industry in recent years. Within the E|Optistrom project methods are developed which promote a conscious, ... Weiterlesen

PEER-Lab: Technology and transfer center for the development, testing and reliability qualification of power electronic products (Power Electronics Endurance and Reliability Laboratory)

Power electronics is creating momentum in an increasing number of industries, from renewable energy to electrical mobility. The reliability of power electronic packages is the basis of successful products. To increase the lifetime of the assemblies and fully exploit the technological potential of to... Weiterlesen

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