Project description

The increasing individualization of products nowadays leads to an increasing number of variants and shorter product life cycles. At the same time the complexity of the products and the quality requirements are increasing, resulting in a rising pressure to time and pressure to innovate within companies. The spatial integration of mechanical and electronic components, coupled with functional integration and miniaturization, however, provide new opportunities in product design.

Molded interconnect devices (MID) are a powerful example for this trend which, however, require a good coordination of different departments and organizational units. In many cases, companies have little experience in the development of MID products. The lack of a MID-specific classification is one of the main problems during the process. MID experiences are often collected through an elaborate and time-consuming iterative learning process.

In this joint research project, therefore, a MID development planner should be created, which supports the developer during the MID-compliant construction process and provide a comprehensive methodological set of tools. The toolsets essentially comprise support techniques, a database providing i. a. solving knowledge in form of solution patterns as well as an early economic analysis. The planner is intended to be implemented as a software tool and can be embedded into the existing integrated IT infrastructure.