The Chair



FAPS is a recognized institute for teaching and research in the area of automation and mechatronic systems, with a interdisciplinary development of holistic optimization to serve the welfare of the people.


FAPS creates innovations through the integration of knowledge from various disciplines, in particular:

  • The specialized disciplines in mechanical, electric/electronics, information technology, bionics and optics;
  • Levels of integration from the components to the system;
  • Automation components such as controllers, sensors and actuators;
  • The entire product life cycle, from concepts, through to development, production, use and recycling;
  • Through university research and teaching, industry collaboration, technology transfer and the founding of new companies;
  • Through the human-machine interaction;
  • Through sustainable and efficient methods of production, distribution, usage, storage and reuse of resources.
All employees set out on their activities based on commonly shared values at FAPS.
Responsibility We work on tasks including research and teaching, which are the result of high-quality scientific practices. The aim of our work is to ensure value and to expand job opportunities in Germany.
Cooperation Honesty, reliability and fairness are fundamental pillars of an effective collaboration with colleagues, industry partners and students. Such principles form the basis of proficiency, punctuality and open, direct, and respectful communication.
Future orientation We continuously confront new multidisciplinary topics, and accordingly, develop relevant initiatives, ideas, and scopes developments in research and teaching. In order to do this, we make sure to have enough free space for ourselves.
Quality The fruit of our labour is the result of high-quality work, which is carefully prepared and presented.
Embodiment We identify with the goals of the chair and our own areas of research.