Project description

Due to the general trend towards miniaturization, functional integration and increased component density, highly miniaturized components are becoming increasingly important. When processing smaller components, problems arise with the paste printing of solder due to dirty or clogged stencils as well as poor release behavior of the solder paste due to the unfavorable wall-surface ratios, so that insufficient solder joints can result.

Furthermore, the high-precision, often specially coated and two-staged stencils are expensive to produce, are usually manufactured externally and thus significantly extend delivery times. The competitiveness thus deteriorates, especially for the mostly medium-sized electronics contract manufacturers for flexible orders with small quantities and short response times.

In the DigiTIMe project, an inkjet printing system will be built on high-precision kinematics with a height-adjustable print head for planar assemblies, which can print low-viscosity conductive adhesives or conductive inks by means of modular print heads in order to connect the smallest SMD components on classic printed circuit boards. The suitability of the process as a replacement or supplement for solder paste printing is being qualified by means of extensive investigations.

The aim is to build a demonstrator PCB using SMD components of size 008004, 01005, 0201 (Imperial) and temperature-sensitive optical components.