Research Projects


OPTAVER: Optical Packaging for 3D-optomechatronic-Devices

As a tribute to the continuously increasing volume of data traffic, optical waveguides have become a serious alternative to electrical circuitries. The potential of precise space-resolved strain measurements or the capacity to transmit very large amounts of data are two examples of the beneficial us... Weiterlesen

PEER-Lab: Technology and transfer center for the development, testing and reliability qualification of power electronic products (Power Electronics Endurance and Reliability Laboratory)

Power electronics is creating momentum in an increasing number of industries, from renewable energy to electrical mobility. The reliability of power electronic packages is the basis of successful products. To increase the lifetime of the assemblies and fully exploit the technological potential of to... Weiterlesen

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Intrafly – Autonomous UAVs in intralogistics

Nowadays many industry sectors have to deal with the increasing trend towards individualised and costumer specific products. The costumers expect configurable products that concur with their desires and demands. The associated production processes hence change from the mass production of just a few ... Weiterlesen

Silicone Biomodels

The geometric anatomy of the human body is very complex due to its free-form surfaces, asymmetries and anisotropies. Haptic models displaying the properties of anatomic structures, e.g. geometry, inner organization or the mechanical behavior, are rarely available on the current market and often have... Weiterlesen

Reduction of energy consumption and CO2 emissions and enhancement of the resource efficiency through a state-oriented regulation of the manufacturing process in calcium silicate masonry unit plants – operational simulation with integration of real-time data

In industrial enterprises, owing to a lack of real-time data acquisition, manufacturing orders are generated based on an estimated future current state and thus lately deployed. They therefore do not regulate the current state of production and are therefore not suited to respond to short-term devia... Weiterlesen

OPTAVER – Optical Packaging for 3D-optomechatronic-Devices

With light signals in optical waveguides, large amounts of data can be transmitted quickly and largely without interference. In the industrial and infrastructural field, e.g. in the automotive and aerospace industries, demand is growing to further exploit this potential. How should production proces... Weiterlesen

adidas Speedfactory Digital Twin

The adidas Speedfactory is a multi-phase project, which should bring manufacturing capacities back to Germany. Phase 1 was completed in the SEP 2016 and included the production of 1000 pairs of performance sports shoes. Phase 2 started in the first quarter of 2017 and aims at a blueprint for a... Weiterlesen

E|KoWiss: Holistic knowledge-based energy dat management system

The project E|KoWiss is to provide an energy data management system which is capable of representing energy and resource consumption in the production in any granularity. In addition, the consumption data collected in the production process are to be enriched with semantic information in order to fa... Weiterlesen

Building Material integrated Surface Heating

The goal of this project is to develop a new kind of heating system that eliminates existing disadvantages. This includes the poor efficiency of gas and oil heaters, the high installation effort for connecting the central heating as well as low heat-transfer rates. Investigations point out that warm... Weiterlesen