Research Projects


VIRERO – VIrtual REmote RObotics for Radiometric Sorting

Subproject: Immersive and Self-Optimizing Teleoperation System and Autonomous Robot Capabilities (15S9422C) Within the project, robots and radiological measurement technologies will be developed to handle radioactive waste materials teleoperational as well as semi-autonomous. The goal of the technol... Weiterlesen

ColEP – Collaborative Usage of Data in Electronics Production

A key challenge for the use of data-based methods for the analysis and optimization of processes in electronics production is the imbalance of the data. Despite the large amounts of data generated in high-volume production, the information content of the data is limited, as the vast majority of insp... Weiterlesen

MultiPower – Customized production of highly-integrated electronic 3D power modules using multi-material vat photo-polymerisation, laser powder bed fusion and selective piezojet-metallization

The AiF-funded research project “MultiPower” aims at generating customized and highly-integrated electronic 3D power modules using various technologies of Additive Manufacturing. Multi-material photopolymerisation, laser powder-bed fusion and piezojet-printing are applied to create innov... Weiterlesen

FlaMe — Flexible adapted production of power modules

  The production of power modules is facing new challenges: Being able to produce a wide variety of variants in small quantities economically is becoming increasingly important. The FlaMe research project aims to use new technologies and make the process much more sustainable. With the research... Weiterlesen

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The aim of the PrInterfaces project is to research technologies for the high-quality contacting of printed structures for the establishment of Level 3 connections between electronic assemblies. Four promising technologies have been identified for this purpose: pierced-through and around crimping, st... Weiterlesen

Building Material integrated Surface Heating

The goal of this project is to develop a new kind of heating system that eliminates existing disadvantages. This includes the poor efficiency of gas and oil heaters, the high installation effort for connecting the central heating as well as low heat-transfer rates. Investigations point out that warm... Weiterlesen