Project description

The project ProPower is aimed to provide efficient and yield compliant system integration based on a technology platform to allow the mass production of power-logic-modules for future markets (e.g. automotive, drives, power technologies, renewable energies, plant engineering, lighting).

The following goals are defined:

  • Concepts and approaches for the integration of power-logic-modules into drives engines; improvement of the power density in power converters from 5 kW/l up to 30 kW/l
  • Concepts and approaches for the development of integrated power-, logic-, sensor- and LED-modules; improvement of the light density in combination with a 50% cost reduction and a 70% volume reduction
  • Application optimized materials with the needed thermal, mechanical and electrical properties for packaging technologies (sintering, diffusion soldering, wire bonding, reflow soldering, adhesive bonding etc.)
  • Description of the process capability of components, substrates, interconnection materials and additives
  • Innovative production processes for substrates, components and modules (including thermal management on system and module level)
  • Improvement of energy efficiency and reliability of the application systems