Medical Technology


In the research sector of medical technology, applications for people as individuals and the improvement of their quality of life are researched and developed. For this purpose, the diverse engineering competences of the chair, for example in the fields of robotics, image recognition or additive manufacturing, are transferred to medicine with its special requirements.


The development of technical applications, digital models and processes in all medical fields is covered, from the prevention and diagnosis of diseases to care scenarios such as surgery planning, therapy or nursing. Regulatory requirements and ELSI questions are also included in the research.


In addition to the development of automation solutions, especially in the context of medical robotics, research into innovative therapy and assistance systems is a focus of the research area. In this field, not only the mechatronic implementation and integration are researched, but also more advanced questions, such as the recording of biomedical parameters or self-sufficient energy supply solutions. In addition, innovative manufacturing processes for medical technology represent a research focus. The focus here is on optimising additive manufacturing and qualifying new types of biocompatible materials for this. Digitisation solutions are also a future topic in medical technology. In addition to digital process optimisation and the development of digital systems, the modelling of the digital human twin is a focus of the research area’s activities.