Project description

The project E|KoWiss is to provide an energy data management system which is capable of representing energy and resource consumption in the production in any granularity. In addition, the consumption data collected in the production process are to be enriched with semantic information in order to facilitate a simplified data evaluation. Furthermore, an interface to other data management systems, such as ERP, quality management or maintenance systems, is to be created in order to embed the collected data in a global context. This enables the identification of potential savings as well as the derivation of further potential for improvement in production. Ultimately, the information created can be linked to existing knowledge. In this way, a system is provided which automatically identifies optimization potentials and provides user-specific measures for improving production.

Need for action

  • Automatic recording, monitoring and calibration of energy consumption with an energy data management system
  • Automated evaluation of the recorded energy data
  • Automated selection of energy efficiency measures as well as recommendations for machine and building maintenance to ensure sustainable energy efficiency
  • Transfer of results to automated plant management

Project goals

  • Transparent view of the energy consumption during the production of a specific product group and the related process steps, as well as general, non-assignable energy consumption
  • Definition of hierarchical energy levels as standard for production cells
  • Development of an automated workflow for the autonomous acquisition and evaluation of process and plant-related energy consumption
  • Automated identification and quantification of potential savings through the use of machine learning
  • Derivation of relevant measures for the sustainable energetic improvement of automated production lines by using an energy efficiency knowledge management system