Project description

Helix antennas consist of a helical metallic conductor and allow circularly polarized electromagnetic waves to be transmitted and received. Antennas for circularly polarized waves have a wide range of applications, e.g. WLAN point-to-point connections (50 GHz), automotive radar (77 GHz) and imaging systems (120 GHz). The classical design of helix antennas made of wound wires reaches its limits for higher frequencies and thus smaller structure sizes.
The aim of the research project is to develop an additive manufacturing process for antenna arrays consisting of multifilar helix antennas. The frequency of use of the later application requires a miniaturization of the individual antennas, which is no longer possible with classical manufacturing processes. Furthermore, research is being conducted into how MID technologies can be used to combine the individual antennas to form antenna arrays. In doing so, their greater design freedom is used to enable new solution options for the overall structure consisting of mechanical carrier, feed network and individual antennas. A cost-effective antenna array produced in this way forms the basis for future imaging radar systems and communication electronics.