Project description

In industrial enterprises, owing to a lack of real-time data acquisition, manufacturing orders are generated based on an estimated future current state and thus lately deployed. They therefore do not regulate the current state of production and are therefore not suited to respond to short-term deviations – in particular not resource-optimally.

In a past research project the FAPS Institute enabled an accurate simulation and optimization of material and energy flows in calcium silicate masonry unit (CS) manufacturing plants, adapted for long-term simulation studies. The two-year research project “KS-Sim II” aims to convert this methodology for a short-term control or rather regulation of the production processes. This real-time operational simulation will be able to optimize and control production processes according to the current state of the production system. In addition, it is intended to identify and forecast deviations from the target by means of continuous monitoring and, if necessary, compensate them automatically through rescheduling. The long-term planning tool of the simulation finds the way into the short-term regulation of the production processes.

The technical finesses are being supported through the contribution of Professor Schuderer from the Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt, whose competent team is focussed on business informatics and logistics. Additionally, nine CS manufacturers are sharing their immense process-related knowledge and thereby guarantee the applicability. The project coordination is taken on by the AiF-Forschungsvereinigung Kalk-Sand e.V.