Energy Storage



The transformation of the fossil-nuclear energy system to a system based on renewable energies is a declared goal of the German government and necessary to reduce global warming. The further development of technologies for the storage and conversion of energy, such as batteries, supercaps or fuel cells, is an elementary component of the transformation. All these technologies still offer numerous manufacturing challenges, such as innovative processes for cell production, automated assembly, or reliable contacting of cells and modules. Due to the increasing number of storage systems, their recycling is also becoming an increasingly important issue. The research and development of a design suitable for disassembly, detachable contacting methods and automated disassembly processes are important for this.
In the “Energy Storage” technology field, experts for the relevant production processes are bundled across research areas.


The technology field supports the research partners in identifying optimization potentials within the production processes of energy storage devices and energy converters. It develops efficient solutions and supports the partners during implementation.

Focus areas

  • Innovative manufacturing processes
    • Plasma coating
    • Printed batteries
  • Automated assembly
    • Handling of electrodes and separators
    • Automated wiring of cells and modules
  • Quality and reliability
    • Quality assurance through digitalization of production
    • Reliable contacting of cells and modules
  • Recycling
    • Design suitable for disassembly
    • Disassembly processes

Head of technology field