MID Application Center


The MID applications center supports companies across the entire development process of three-dimensional interconnect devices. Hereby, the know-how and the equipment of the FAPS can be used. In the course of collaboration, it is possible to discuss, create and to check the feasibility of a product idea with a moderated cost. The quality of the research factory equipment makes it possible to use a variety of MID technology. Furthermore, the MIDAZ is able to produce small batch series.
In addition to theequipment, numerous software tools are used for the development of MID products. The transfer of circuit path to the three-dimensional plastic body, and theoptimal filling simulation for the injection molding are often a critical area.This can be solved by professional support.
In MIDAZ, the qualified cooperationpartners will offer technological and advisory support. Thus, the knowledgetransfer of new developments will be made available in industrial applications.
contact person
Dipl.-Ing. Robert Süß-Wolf
funded by EFRE
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