Electric motor production


The Electromechanical Engineering group provides services in the following areas:

Consulting and planning for production and logistics of electric drives

  • Conception, design and prototype development of production processes and production logistics for the electric drive technology including production, layout design, kinematics and process simulation
  • Analysis of the product in terms of manufacturing production chain including evaluation of value chain (value stream, vertical integration, manufacturing sites, investment planning, resource situation)
  • Benchmarking, market analysis, feasibility studies / technology studies, facility offers
  • Prototyping (3D prototyping) / tests (winding technology, contacting, magnetic mounting, gluing technology)
  • CAD-CAM chain for the production of electric drives

Analysis, Testing and Measurement

  • Metallography
  • Test bench for electric motors (in planning / in cooperation with GSO)
  • Test bench for contactless energy transfer systems in electric vehicles (in planning)
  • Acoustic measurement chamber (in planning)
  • Magnetic field measurement (MagCam, Tesla Meter, Narda probe) and magnetic field simulation
  • Magnetizing technique (in planning)
  • Power verification test (assembly / Disassembly), vibration testing
A list of all available equipment can be found in our equipment overview.


Dr.-Ing. Alexander Kühl