Construction and connection technology



The technology field of assembly and connection technology bundles the chair competencies of all activities under the aspects of the construction and the connection of two or more workpieces and / or shapeless materials for the realization of mechatronic functions.
The focus will be on the classic technologies of microsystems technology as well as innovative methods for the implementation of spatial joining operations and the adaptation of established connection technologies to novel problems. Ensuring manufacturing quality and long-term reliability is the basis of all joining and joining processes.


Establishment of the chair FAPS as an interdisciplinary research institute for the development, application and integration of interdisciplinary and interdisciplinary assembly and connection technologies as a companion for the realization of mechatronic systems.

Focus areas

  • welding
  • soldering
  • glueing
  • Printing technique and media order
  • laser processing
  • Spatial joining operations
  • Joining by forming (winding & crimping)
  • Potting
  • surface treatment
  • Material description / material knowledge (metals, plastics, ceramics)
  • Mechanical quality inspection
  • Optical quality inspection
  • Electrical quality inspection
  • Life and reliability studies

Head of technology field