Electronics Production



In addition to conducting numerous research activities, the institute FAPS offers various services in the field of electronics production. These cover a wide range of optical and mechanical investigations as well as the qualification of mechatronic systems in environmental tests under load collectives. The optical tests include

  • X-ray analyses
  • Light microscopy
  • 3D laser scanning
  • Confocal laser scanning microscope
  • Thermographic images
  • X-ray fluorescence layer thickness measurements
  • Optical coordinate measurements

For reliability tests, the chair has test chambers for temperature/humidity changes and thermal shock as well as an electrodynamic shaker with an attached climate chamber. Destructive tests like peel test, face pull, pull and shear test complete the test spectrum in the field of mechanics. In addition to a complete production line with stencil printer, standard SMD placement machines and a convection soldering oven for the production of electronic flat modules, alternative machines such as dispensers, a 3D placement machine, Au and Al wire bonders and vapor phase soldering machines are available in the air-conditioned laboratory hall in Nuremberg. This allows not only to examine individual production processes separately, but also to qualify the entire system as a whole. The range of tasks for selective rework is also covered. Development and design as well as qualification of injection molded circuit carriers (MID = Mechatronic Integrated Devices) regarding adhesion, warping and reliability are also available at the institute FAPS.

The range of services of the “Electronics Production” department covers all relevant areas from the production to the testing of electronic assemblies. A list of all available equipment can be found in our equipment overview.