georg pöhlein

The Research Sector Robotics

develops novel hardware, learning systems, and considers robotic frameworks

The Research Sector Medical Technology (MT)

researches mechatronic technologies that contribute to the well-being of people.

The Research Sector Electromechanical Engineering (E|Drive-Center)

among other things, deals comprehensively with various winding technologies.

The Research Sector Electronics Production (EP)

drives the miniaturization and functional integration of electrical systems.

The virtual tours

offer the opportunity to experience the FAPS sites in Erlangen and Nuremberg virtually.

The Research Sector Signal and power networks (WS)

is concerned with efficient signal and power networks in mechatronic systems.

The Research Sector Home Automation (E|Home-Center)

deals with intelligent housing for the future.

The Research Sector Engineering Systems (E|Sys)

accompanies the entire digital generation process of mechatronic systems and plants.

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01.01.2024: Research project “FORSocialRobots” launched

Robotics is developing into a key technology for value creation, improved working conditions and support across all application domains in industry, the service sector, medicine and care, as well as in the private sphere. Wherever humans and autonomous technical systems should and want to cooperate,... Weiterlesen

07.11.-10.11.2023: FAPS presence at Formnext 2023

“Formnext” in Frankfurt/Main is an international trade fair for additive manufacturing technologies as well as their pre- and post-processings. More than 800 exhibitors and more than 30.000 visitors from all over the world have met for networking and exchanging information: researchers, ... Weiterlesen