Project description

The aim of the PrInterfaces project is to research technologies for the high-quality contacting of printed structures for the establishment of Level 3 connections between electronic assemblies. Four promising technologies have been identified for this purpose: pierced-through and around crimping, stirrup soldering, ACF heat sealing and press-fit technology, which are being investigated in a structured manner by the two research centers. The FAPS chair is looking at ACF heat sealing, which is known as a precise and reliable process and is very suitable for flexible substrates, and press-fit technology. This solderless process is already used in other areas of electronics production to create reliable and durable connections. The main focus is on the assessment of long-term reliability and the modeling of failure mechanisms.

The research project focuses on the following aspects:

  • Creation of a requirements catalog with the associated partners
  • Fabrication of test structures and assembly of the contacting systems
  • Analysis of long-term reliability
  • Development of a user guide