Project description

Industry 4.0 requires a radical rethinking in manufacturing companies. Processes that have previously been designed separately
are interlinked, remodeled and optimally coordinated through digital technologies. How can this be achieved in practice? For
this purpose, business informatics has developed the concept of Service Systems in which value creation is modeled as a result
of the collaboration of many individual stakeholders.

The design of production-related service systems is the focus of the new research project PRODISYS, in which the FAU was awarded
the Chair for Business Informatics, in particular Innovation and Value Creation (WI1), and the Chair for production automation
and production systems (FAPS). PRODISYS is supported by the Federal Ministry of Education And Research (BMBF) with a total project
volume of EUR 3.0 million with EUR 2.25 million. Other parties in the Project are fortiss GmbH in Munich as coordinator and the HHL
Leipzig Graduate School of Management with the Center for Leading Innovation & Cooperation (CLIC) in particular and Audi, Continental,
Crossbar, SAP and Xenon.

Over a period of three years, the consortium partners in the project will develop new approaches to the context of the digitized value
creation and to check it in practice by means of piloting. The research project has started on 01.07.2017.

We are looking forward to the project and research work in the coming three years and the cooperation with the project partners.