Project description

The aim of the ProMilL research project – process and assembly optimization through intelligent cabin linings – is to design intelligent production in final assembly. The aim is to ensure that the condition of cabin linings is recorded via sensor networks. This is made possible by integrating printed antennas and sensor technology into lining elements. Thus, on the one hand, the exact position of the components as well as information on installation in the final assembly can be transmitted, and on the other hand, possible readjustments to the cladding elements can be detected after the first fly.

The research project focuses on the following aspects:

  • Integration of sensors and antennas in cabin linings using digital printing technologies, such as aerosol jet and piezo jet
  • Implementation of printed sensor and antenna structures
  • Characterization of functionalized sandwich structures
  • Reduction of assembly and manufacturing processes and improved process monitoring within the final assembly line
  • Predictive maintenance through real-time data acquisition of cabin components