Medical Technology


Collaboration in the research field of medical technology opens up a wide range of opportunities for cooperation.

In addition to the numerous research activities, the FAPS chair offers a range of services in the field of medical technology. These include a wide range of optical and mechanical investigations as well as the qualification of mechatronic systems.

Our strong presence at major trade shows results in our good connections and valuable insights into the latest trends and innovations we can offer. Together, we strive to develop breakthrough solutions that meet the highest quality standards and have a positive impact on patient care.

Development and production of mechatronic medical devices and test benches

  • Conception, design and prototypical implementation of test setups and test benches for the mapping of physiological processes (temperature, cycles, pressure simulation, etc.)
  • Manufacturing of medical prototypes (3D prototyping)
  • Mechatronization or expansion of technologies via integrated sensors or communication interfaces

The range of medical technology services provides access to technologies and is oriented towards ISO 13485 in order to support rapid market entry through the results. A part of the available tools can be found in our equipment overview.

Additive manufacturing, analytics and metrology

  • Additive manufacturing with state-of-the-art processes (silicone printing processes LAM/DIW, stereolithography, drop-on-demand process, FFF)
  • Material testing (laser microscopy, tensile testing, electrical characterization, ultrasonic testing)

Consulting and feasibility studies

  • Conducting subject studies
  • Support in the preparation of ethics applications
  • Benchmark, market analyses, feasibility / technology studies, scientific evaluation, solicitation of neutral plant offers
  • Testing the feasibility of robotic applications in medical/laboratory settings (Pepper, Franka Emika Panda)