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17.08.2017: WGP soccer tournament 2017

For the second time only – but already now in a tradition that has become dear to us – the soccer team of the FAPS chair took part in the soccer tournament of the Scientific Society for Production Engineering (WGP), this time organized by the IWF Braunschweig. In comparison to... Weiterlesen

2017-06-16: Mario Lušić completes his dissertation on the theme “A procedure model for the creation of assembly-guiding worker information systems simultaneously to the product engineering process”.

The increase in product variety and complexity leads to manifold and challenging processes in manual assembly. In addition to the value-adding assembly activity, the operator is expected to master a large amount of information. Worker information systems can be used to meet this challenge. The disad... Weiterlesen

2017-05-01: Research Initiative Productive4.0 has started

IntraFly “Productive4.0”, the largest European research initiative in industry 4.0, launched in May. Under the coordination of Infineon Technologies AG, more than 100 partners from 19 European countries are working on the digitization and networking of industry. In the project, partners ... Weiterlesen

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