10.02.2022: Li Wang completes her doctorate with honors.

Laser direct structuring (LDS) is the outstanding technology for displaying functionalized three-dimensional electronic components. In this context, antenna functions are becoming more and more important due to wireless signal transmission in telecommunication and Kontxt IOT. To evaluate the transmission characteristics of an antenna structure, the “passive intermodualtions” test (PIM) was developed. Mrs. Wang investigated the effect of laser processing on the surface of plastics and contrasted the roughness obtained with the laser parameters. With the metal layers deposited on these surfaces, the RF properties were determined using the PIM measurement method.

As part of her dissertation, Mrs. Wang was able to show that, contrary to the assumption of degradation, a rough surface on an RF conductor improves the radiation properties.

With the oral examination on Feb. 10, 2022, Li Wang completed her Ph.D. with the title:

“Evaluation of the Applicability of the Laser-Assisted Selective Metallization Process for the Enhancement of Passive Intermodulation in Radio Frequency Applications” successfully.