01.03.2022: Increased industry focus – Automated Production Systems research area renamed Automation Technology

Staff of the research sector AT

The research area Automated Production Systems was founded in September 2019. The scientific staff active in this area research solutions for the diverse challenges in modern and sustainable value creation and production networks. As part of the further strategic orientation and refinement of the research content, a specific focus on the canon of topics in automation technology has emerged over the past two and a half years. To reflect this development, it was decided to rename the research area Automation Technology (AT).

This step clearly communicates the focus on the automation technology industry and thus also visibly fulfills the goal of the chair to address specific industries in the individual research areas. In addition, the benefit-oriented research of the sector can be more easily and comprehensibly assigned to the individual streams of the AT industry. The work is divided into the following main areas:

  • Control technology and sensor technology
  • Industrial communication
  • Software and IT in manufacturing
  • Factory energy networks

The research area Automation Technology continues to be headed by Jonathan Fuchs and currently comprises a total of nine employees. For more content and information, please visit the research area’s website.