21.07.2020: Participation of FAPS in the first clusterimpuls of the Cluster Mechatronik & Automation

The new event format clusterimpuls of the Cluster Mechatronik & Automation in cooperation with infoteam Software AG took place for the first time on July 21, 2020. The event focused on sustainable competitiveness during and after the corona pandemic in the sector of mechanical and plant engineering. As impulses, experts from research and industry offered presentations on the topics of agile collaboration management in practice, digital B2B platforms and digital organizational development.


Compared to previous events from the Cluster Mechatronik & Automation, this time the presentations took place without an audience, but were instead held in front of a professional film team from infoteam software AG (see picture) and streamed online live for the participants. Cluster Manager Dr. Michael Garkisch coordinated the questions of the virtual audience as moderator. In addition to presentations from the companies E-T-A GmbH (cluster member), Schuler Pressen GmbH and infoteam Software AG (cluster member), Fabian Hartner from FAPS gave an insight into digital B2B platforms as attractive business models in the sector of mechanical and plant engineering. The workshop was concluded by a virtual dialogue with the speakers and Professor Jörg Franke (Director of the Cluster Mechatronik & Automation). Among other topics, the possibilities of virtual fairs and networking events were evaluated from several perspectives.


Information about the Cluster Mechatronik & Automation:

The Cluster Mechatronik & Automation is a Bavarian network for the exchange of technological and organizational know-how in the field of Industry 4.0. It serves for interdisciplinary and cross-sector cooperation and connects research institutions, companies and public institutions. Further events can be found at: https://www.cluster-ma.de/veranstaltungskalenderclusterveranstaltungen/events-overview/index.html