Project description

With light signals in optical waveguides, large amounts of data can be transmitted quickly and largely without interference. In the industrial and infrastructural field, e.g. in the automotive and aerospace industries, demand is growing to further exploit this potential. How should production processes look like in order to integrate these into systems? This is a central question to the current research.

So far there are some technical limitations. For example, it is difficult to transmit the signal in the optical waveguide to further optical waveguides in such a way that the signal is not lost in any conductor. The DFG research group “Optical Construction and Connection Technology for Integrated Integrated Bus Systems (OPTAVER)”, which has been set up by the newly established DFG research group, is attended by researchers from the Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg (FAU), the TU Dresden and the University of Hannover.


Homepage: www.optaver.de