25.04.2023: ROBOTOP CEO Dr. Eike Schäffer discusses scalable 3D/XR Sales on IHK Würzburg-Schweinfurt’s “Work, Education, Future” Podcast

Dr. oec. Lukas Kagerbauer of IHK Würzburg-Schweinfurt had the pleasure of engaging with Dr.-Ing. Eike Wolfram Schäffer, CEO of ROBOTOP, in an insightful podcast about scalable 3D/XR sales in machinery and plant construction, skills shortage, and the advantages of 3D/XR technologies. ROBOTOP, a spin-off from the FAPS chair at FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg, is renowned for its groundbreaking contributions to robotics, automation, and digitalization.

In the episode of the “Work, Education, Future” podcast, the conversation revolved around how modern 3D technologies can optimize sales processes and engage professionals in their work. Dr. Schäffer highlighted how XR technology and 3D tools can make planning and sales processes in SMEs more efficient, sustainable, and scalable.

The discussion also offered a deep insight into the concept of ROBOTOP’s 3D/XR sales solution that enables technical sales teams to create personalized and interactive digital customer experiences. Furthermore, the advantages of software solutions, such as those provided by ROBOTOP, were emphasized. These solutions offer the ability to generate modern 3D content for social media posts.

Dr. Schäffer expressed enthusiasm about the discussion and the opportunity to introduce ROBOTOP’s vision and work to a broader audience. “We are proud to bring the research-based approach in the area of XR and automation technology to the forefront and demonstrate how it can advance sales in mechanical engineering,” he said.

The episode concluded with a call to listeners to share their experiences with 3D/XR technology in the industrial context in the comments. This episode is another milestone for ROBOTOP on their journey to shape the future of robotics, automation, and digitalization.

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