25.02.2021: Institute FAPS discovers Nanospace

Ultra-High-Resolution multimodal Scanning Electron Microscope TESCAN AMBER X with Xe-Plasma-FIB

A successfully approved application by DFG enabled the Institute FAPS to invest in an outstanding Scanning Electron Microscope from TESCAN. With the unique combination of field-free ultra-high-resolution BrightBeam™ SEM optics and a xenon plasma FIB, a wide variety of applications can be precisely prepared, analyzed and finally characterized. The high-end system AMBER X is ideally suited for high throughputs, large-area ion polishing and field-free imaging up to ultra-high-resolution of 0.9 nm for 2D and 3D characterization on a wide variety of conventional and novel materials. In addition, a fully integrated RAMAN microscope from WITec is implemented, with which structures, surfaces and molecular components can be measured and alternately related at the same sample focus position. The system is completed by an EDS and EBSD detector from Bruker. EBSD is a very powerful technique for analyzing microstructures and for phase identification. By measuring the mesh orientation of the grains and detecting the phase distribution, EBSD helps determine the crystallographically preferred orientations and understand deformation and phase change mechanisms. The specific elemental composition of a material can be displayed with the EDS detector.

Overview of the detectors of the TESCAN AMBER X at the Institute FAPS.


Further all of these microanalytical tools offer unprecedented potentials for multimodal FIB-SEM tomography. In recent years developments of highly innovative mechatronic products at the Institute FAPS based on the latest connection technologies and supported by additive manufacturing and printed electronics, has created a considerable need for new analytical possibilities. With the TESCAN AMBER X, FAPS enters new spheres of acquisition of scientific knowledge and is excellently equipped for current requirements and future challenges in the analysis and characterization of mechatronic products.

Further information you can find at Fa. TESCAN, at TESCAN Wiki and at Fa. Bruker and Fa. WITec.

The investment was co-financed by the

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