21.10.2023: FAPS is Visitor Attraction at the Long Night of Science 2023

An overwhelming public interest made more than 600 curious visitors flock to the laboratory halls of the Chair of FAPS in Erlangen at the Long Night of Science 2023 on 21 October.
This evening gives us the rare opportunity to present our research to the general public and to get the young and old visitors excited about our topics.

In guided groups, they were able to learn about adaptive assistive systems for the orientation and mobility of visually impaired people in everyday life, VR and AR applications in industrial environments, tensegrity-inspired robots, an energy-autonomous urinary incontinence system to replace the natural sphincter, industrial flying robots and social robots.
The contents were conveyed through illustrative presentations and hands-on activities.

Impressions from the Long Night of Science at the FAPS in Erlangen