2017-07-01: Research Project “Building Material integrated Surface Heating” has started

The goal of this project is to develop a new kind of heating system that eliminates existing disadvantages. This includes the poor efficiency of gas and oil heaters, the high installation effort for connecting the central heating as well as low heat-transfer rates. Investigations point out that warm ambient surfaces in combination with cool air increase the physical living comfort inside rooms while reducing costs. These conditions can be achieved by radiation heating where heat is not stored in the air and thus not lost in case of ventilation. In this research project a new approach will be described, where radiation heating is applied on a variety of surfaces of domestic objects by a new technology. This technology offers new opportunities in contrast to commercial systems of radiation heating largely applied on planar walls. The additive plasma-coating-technology enables the generation of electrical heating structures on three-dimensional surfaces by plasma and metal powder. It is applicable on a wide range of materials and can be carried out in only one process step. Founded by: