20.12.2021: Georg Herold celebrates his 40th anniversary of service at FAPS.

Prof. Franke (links) überreicht die Urkunde an den Jubilar Georg Herold (rechts)

In the course of a ceremonial handover, Georg Herold received the certificate for his 40th anniversary of service from the hands of Prof. Jörg Franke.

Mr. Herold joined the chair in March 1983 as a qualified electrical technician under the direction of Prof. Klaus Feldmann. His field of activity included the technical supervision of numerous experimental setups and robot cells in the research laboratory of the chair. During his time at FAPS, Mr. Herold also completed further training as a business informatics specialist and took over tasks in the IT technical support of the chair from September 1989. Until today, he is responsible for the data and mail servers, the computer rooms as well as the software used as a system administrator at the Erlangen location and, in his function, maintains close contact with the Regional Computer Center.

The period of service also includes the 15 months of military service, which Mr. Herold already completed before his time at FAPS.


Dipl.-Ing. Matthias Brossog

Department of Mechanical Engineering
Institute for Factory Automation and Production Systems (FAPS, Prof. Franke)