15.06.2020: Successful FORobotics Evaluation – overall rating: excellent

FORobotics – mobile, ad-hoc cooperating robot teams

Mobile robot platforms as individual units capable for flexible deployment show potentials to increase the value adding contribution. In this context, the 28 partner strong joint research project FORobotics of the Bavarian Research Foundation (BFS) focused on mobile robot teams in production environments from Q1/2017 to Q2/2020. The research focused aspects such as human-robot and robot-robot collaboration, autonomous robot skills, mobile robot safety as well as the interconnection of mobile robots and its integration to higher-level systems like the Manufacturing Execution System.

Within the final evaluation on May 20, 2020, the joint research project received an excellent overall rating for its results regarding the challenging research topics and the wide range of covered robotics research areas. The sub-project focussing the environment recognition, safeguarding and autonmous robot skills coordinated from FAU / FAPS received an excellent rating, too.

FAU / FAPS focused research on autonomous robot skills as well as sensory perception, sensor data fusion and data integration to a platform environment modeling. In addition, together with partners, safety concepts for mobile robots were developed and evaluated. The chair also researched suitable strategies for intervention in complex system failure scenarios of mobile robots and autonomous robot skills through Augmented Virtuality Teleoperation.

Project runtime: Q1/2017 – Q2/2020BFS Logo

Funding: Bavarian Research Foundation (BFS)

Website: www.forobotics.de

Photo: FORobotics, Fraunhofer IGCV


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