15.01.2023: New Research Associate at the chair FAPS | Helmut Engelhardt, M. Sc.

Helmut Engelhardt joins the Medical Engineering Research Department as a research associate as of January 15th, 2023.

After his apprenticeship as a technical assistant for computer science and several years of work as an application developer, Helmut Engelhardt completed his bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and information technology and then his master’s degree in applied research in engineering sciences at the TH Nuremberg. As part of the master’s program, he researched the deformation detection of mine shafts based on 3D point clouds in the iDeepMon research project. Furthermore, he was involved in the robotics competition RobCup@Work during his studies, in which he won the world championship title twice with the help of the object recognition system he developed.

After his master’s degree, he was drawn to the robotics start-up Evocortex, where he worked for 4 years as a research and development engineer, further expanding his expertise in the field of mobile robotics and image processing.

The motivation to help people with mobile robotics techniques led him to the research area of medical engineering. Here, together with Matthias Kalenberg, Mr. Engelhardt is working on the LOMOBI project, in which an adaptive assistance system for orientation and mobility of visually impaired people in everyday life is being further developed.


Helmut Engelhardt, M. Sc.

Department of Mechanical Engineering
Institute for Factory Automation and Production Systems (FAPS, Prof. Franke)