04.03.2020: FAPS students develop innovative prototypes at the „Smart Green Island Makeathon 2020“

For the third year in a row, students of the institute participated in the “Smart Green Island Makeathon” on Gran Canaria, as part of the FAPS-Fellowship-Program. The international team, consisting of members from Tunisia, Iran and Germany, comprised five students, four students from the FAPS and one participant from ESPRIT in Tunis.

A total of 233 participants from 17 countries attended the event. Among them were 175 young talents from 35 different universities, 58 guests from industry and research, as well as the President of the Canary Islands.

This year again, the 18 teams were able to work on projects within the framework of the “Industry Challenges”
provided by the sponsors or to implement their own innovative ideas in a prototype, whereby the focus of the projects always revolved around the topics “Smart” and “Green”.

The aim of this year’s project of the team around two FAPS Fellows was the development of a robot to support firefighters in risk assessment and situation evaluation in burning buildings that are difficult to access. The robot could be remotely controlled via a specially developed app. Image processing of live images identified the source of the fire. The camera images, in combination with data from an ultrasonic sensor, were also used to map the surroundings.

We thank the organizer ITQ GmbH for the exciting event and look forward to 2021. Further great impressions of the “Smart Green Island Makeathon 2020” can be found here: Link


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