02.02.2018: Erik Hultman achieved his PhD at the University of Uppsala in the field of robotized cable winding

In his research work, Erik Hultman developed an automatized process chain for large wave energy converters (WEC), which are designed by Prof. Mats Leijon, head of the Institute for Electricity at the University of Uppsala. The WEC is based on a translational permanent magnet synchronous motor and can supply up to 100 kW electric power. By its reliability, easiness to install, and cost advantages, the WEC bear immense potential to utilize significant regenerative energy from the steady power of waves.

As a part of the team, Dr. Hultman proofed successfully, that his robotized cable winding method is capable to reduce the assembly time significantly, to improve the quality of the windings and to optimize the production effort substantially. Two six axis articulated robots guide specifically designed mechatronic tools to feed the cables into the slots of the stator, which is up to two meters long. Around that core process, Dr. Hultman conceived and realized automated solutions for stacking the metal sheets, for mounting the magnets onto the translator, and for cutting elastomeric damping elements with a robot.

In his role as the so called opponent, Prof. Jörg Franke had to evaluate the results of the research work and to appraise the qualification of Erik Hultman in the public PhD examination.


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jörg Franke


Department of Mechanical Engineering
Institute for Factory Automation and Production Systems (FAPS, Prof. Franke)