01.10.2022: New Research Associate at the chair FAPS | Tobias Schrage, M.Sc.

Tobias Schrage, M.Sc.

Tobias Schrage strengthens the research sector automation technology at the chair FAPS as a guest scientist in cooperation with the Ingolstadt University of Technology since 01.10.2022.

He completed the master’s program in mechanical engineering at the Technical University of Dortmund. In the subject area of technical operations management, he supported the research at the Institute of Production Systems through his bachelor’s, project and master’s thesis. With his master’s thesis, Tobias Schrage developed a key performance indicator system for the evaluation of production and logistics in special mechanical engineering. Subsequently, he worked for industrial companies in the industrial engineering of production and logistics systems.

In cooperation with the TH Ingolstadt, Mr. Schrage is working on the project “ReProSi” at the FAPS. In this project, a resource-oriented order control of hybrid production is further developed by means of operation-accompanying simulation and validated in plants of the sand-brick industry.