The Living-Lab is equipped with the following Smart-Home technologies:


  • Humanoid robot companion programmed to recognize and react to facial expression and gestures.
  • Manufacturer: Softbank Robotics

Intelligent refridgerator

  • The contents of the refridgerator are detected by cameras inside. Depending on the content, recipe suggestions can be made, for example.
  • Manufacturer: BSH Bosch

Smart Home oven:

  • Can be remotly controlled via HomeConnect app.
  • Manufacturer: Bosch Rexroth GmbH

Vacuuming robot “Roomba”:

  • The robot travels independently through the house and can be remotly controlled via iRobot app.
  • Manufacturer: iRobot

Mopping robot “Braava”:

  • The robot travels independently through the house and mops the floor.
  • Manufacturer: iRobot

Smart Home fully automatic coffee machine:

  • The coffee machine can be started from the HomeConnect app or from the control panel. In addition, the machine has a milk tank for, for example, cappuccino.
  • Manufacturer: Samsung

Echo Dot:

  • Amazon’s voice control device can retreive general information, such as weather, add products to the Amazon cart, and control HomeConnect devices.
  • Manufacturer: Amazon

Virtual window:

  • Using a Kinect camera from Microsoft, the position of a person in the room can be determined. Depending on the position, the viewing angle changes to the video displayed on the monitors.
  • Manufacturer: Microsoft, Löwe, Apple, rationalcraft