Parameter study on the influence of sintering processes on the adhesion strength of nanoparticle suspensions.

To optimize a novel process for contacting highly miniaturized electrical and optoelectronic components, a wide range of influences must be systematically analyzed and quantified.

The aim of this work is to investigate various sintering processes for the optimization of this process, which uses silver nanoparticle suspensions for contacting electrical components. For this purpose, using statistical experimental design, a number of influencing parameters are varied and their influence on the resulting connection is investigated. The joints are analyzed with the aid of electrical, mechanical and optical test methods.

Within the scope of this work, students are instructed in the work to be carried out and are accompanied during the initial experimental runs.

The extent of this course work can be adapted for BA, PA or MA.


  • Independent, conscientious way of working
  • Communication skills
  • Basic knowledge of statistics
  • Very good knowledge of German or English

Work content

  • Design of statistical test plans
  • Execution of sintering tests
  • Electrical and mechanical characterization of products
  • Statistical evaluation of the results

In case of interest

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Research Sector:

Electronics Production

Type of thesis:

Bachelor Thesis, Master Thesis, Project Thesis


Christian Voigt, M. Sc.

Department of Mechanical Engineering
Institute for Factory Automation and Production Systems (FAPS, Prof. Franke)