Production control and Intralogistics



The technology field of production control and intralogistics links the research topics of E | Sys with regard to the simulation and visualization of (intra-) logistic processes, and B | Mech with regard to hardware enablers to enable the paradigm shift from planning to control of intralogistic process. The product-oriented FBs are actively supported in the application of these technologies to demonstrators and application scenarios.


‪Establishment of the chair as a leading research institute for highly flexible intralogistics material flow solutions and pioneer in the field of self-regulating production systems to initiate the transformation of logistics from a value-adding to a value-adding activity.

Focus areas

  • ‪Focusing within intralogistics on material transports of the main and secondary value stream
  • Access of the digital image to hardware agents of the individual manufacturing entities
  • Generation of a continuous intralogistic IT structure
  • Illustration of essential aspects of LS demonstrators