Production control and Intralogistics



The technology field of production control and intralogistics combines hardware-based research topics for the development of new transport entities with software-based control and interoperation in production systems for optimized supply and control of manufacturing processes. The flexibilization of interlinking in production enables a change from forward planning to short-term reactive control. The resulting optimized resource utilization and demand-oriented production contribute significantly to the competitiveness of companies.


Establish the chair as a leading research institute for highly flexible intralogistics material flow solutions and pioneer in the field of self-regulating production systems to initiate the transformation of logistics from a value-enabling to a value-adding activity.

Focus areas

  • Multimodal transport by means of autonomous, decentrally controlled entities
  • Continuous optimization of manufacturing using digital shadow simulation
  • Autonomous, capability-based production systems
  • Work preparation during transport by mobile robots
  • Product and process traceability

Head of technology field