Energy efficiency and environmental protection



The economy consumes almost half of the electrical energy in Germany. Producing companies spend up to 10% of their total energy costs. The goal is the development of new resource-saving manufacturing processes, energy-efficient machines and plants for production as well as intelligent automation and control solutions for reducing the energy requirements in production. To this end, the technology field ‘resource-efficient production’ develops methods and technologies for optimizing energy consumption in production and minimizing heat loss in the laboratory halls. For example, the use of new materials and connection technologies in power electronics (SiC or GaN), lighting systems (LEDs based on InGaN or printable OLEDs) or drive systems (piezo ceramics, highly conductive aluminum alloys) is being researched. In addition, strategies to adapt energy consumption to supply and decentralized regenerative energy generation processes will be developed.


Establishment of the chair FAPS as a leading research institute for energy-efficient and resource-conserving production technologies and systematics as a companion to energy self-sufficient production with strong networking to EnergieCampus Nürnberg, EnergieREGION e.V. and the initiative green.economy.nuernberg.

Focus areas

  • Slim and energy-efficient production design
  • Energy management in production
  • Energy simulation in production
  • Development of energy-efficient control strategies on the basis of event-discrete simulations of plant states from an energetic point of view
  • Investigation of the essential parameters of energy-efficient production structures
  • Definitions, guidelines and standards for the green factory
  • Resource efficiency in electronics production, assembly and connection technology
  • Resource efficiency in electrical engineering
  • Energy-efficient connection technologies in electrical engineering
  • Energy-efficient, versatile and autonomous transport vehicles for in-house material flow