The technology field 3D-MID bundles the chair competences for the development, production and testing of mechatronically integrated assemblies across all research areas. The connection to the Research Association 3-D MID e.V. provides a comprehensive overview of developments in research and industrial implementation in the area of ​​MID technology, while at the same time providing excellent access to competent research partners from all relevant specialist areas.


The chair FAPS creates new application potentials for mechatronically integrated subassemblies by intelligently linking interdisciplinary competencies and distinguishes itself as the leading research institution in the field of MID technology by the following points:

  • Holistic consideration of mechatronically integrated assemblies
  • Competencies for all relevant MID manufacturing processes
  • Intensive networking with competent partners from industry and science

Focus areas

  • Laser-based selective metallization process
  • Printing Technologies / Printed Electronics
  • Plasma-based selective metallization
  • Functionalization of alternative substrate materials (thermoplastic, thermoset, ceramics, composites, etc.)
  • Use of generative manufacturing processes for MID production
  • Adapted processes of AVT
  • Reliability, test standards and standardization

Head of technology field