Project description

In the competence and analysis project for process and production optimisation by means of data mining (E|ASY-OPT), problem-specific and advanced data mining methods are being examined for their integrability in existing and start-up production lines for the holistic quality monitoring of production processes in electrical and classical mechanical engineering in an application-oriented manner for the processes of the SME partners. The aim is to increase and secure competitiveness in the long term by uncovering previously unknown cause-and-effect relationships in manufacturing and assembly processes. Targeted evaluations enable a faster reaction at the affected production facilities within a value stream – from prototyping to small series and large-scale production. Furthermore, the process understanding of the SME partners is increased and errors and reject costs are reduced.

Main tasks:

  • Competence in the analysis of complex process and production interrelations
  • Identification and investigation of the economic application of information technology data mining methods in an industrial environment
  • Consultation regarding optimization of your own production processes
  • Consulting for the selection of a suitable system architecture
  • Support with the implementation of methods, tools, visualizations and software
  • Development of innovative approaches for data-driven optimization of individual processes and entire value chains

This project with a total volume of 5,020,000 euros is being supported by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) with grants amounting to 2,510,000 euros.